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Get all the recipe inspo you need for your Instant Pot and Air Fryer with our collection of recipe eBooks!  New eBooks added every month. 

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Whether a recipe that can be made two ways; or using two functions simultaneously, get the most out of your Dual Drawer Air Fryer

‘Set it and forget it’ leaving your Instant Pot to do the work for you and look forward to something delicious to eat at the end of a chilly day

Discover the vegan diet with your Instant Pot or Air Fryer using ingredients readily available at the supermarket.

A selection of Instant Pot Recipes that serve 6 portions – delicious dishes you can make for your next dinner party at home..

Recipes for your Air Fryer – from snacks and starters, to main dishes, cakes, and sweet treats… Discover the magic of Air Frying!

Treat yourself to something sweet in your Instant Pot… Recipes using the Steam, Bake, Pressure Cook and Slow Cook function!

The cuisine of 2021 summer… Bring the traditional taste of the Levantine mezze to your home using your Instant Pot or Air Fryer.

From side dishes to accompany what you may have grilling on the BBQ, to the main event made in your Instant Pot or Air Fryer… 

Volume 1: Get ready for the festive season with these Instant Pot and Air Fryer recipes that you can make at home this Christmas.

Volume 2: Instant Pot and Air Fryer recipes from the main event to side dishes to free up space in the oven; or a recipe to use up your leftovers.