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Pressure Cooking Times

Download our Pressure Cooking timetable here.

As with conventional cooking, cooking with Instant Pot is full of personal choices, creativity, a lot of science and experimentation. No two people would have exactly the same tastes, preferences of tenderness and texture of food. The cooking time chart provided in this recipe booklet is for reference purpose. The user is encouraged to experiment and find your own time setting for the best result to the user’s own liking.

There are other factors that may affect the cooking time. Different cuts of meat and different types of rice, for example, may require different cooking time to yield the same tenderness or texture.

When cooking frozen food, there is no need to defrost the food in the microwave first. However frozen food will prolong the pre-heating time and cooking time by a few minutes depending on the amount of food.

All timings below are  based on the cooking pressure being in the range of 12 psi at “High Pressure” setting.


Seafood & FishFresh Cook Time (in minutes)Frozen Cook Time (in minutes)
Whole Fish (Trout, Sea Bass etc.)4-55-7
Fish Fillet2-33-4
Fish Steak3-44-6
Seafood Soup or stock7-88-9
Prawn or shrimp1-32-4

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Rice & Grain

Water Quantity

(Grain:Water Ratios)

Cooking Time (in minutes)
Barley, pearl1:2.520-22
Barley, pot1:3-1:425-30
Corn, dried, half1:325-30
Oats, quick cooking1:22-3
Oats, steel-cut1:33-5
Porridge, thin1:6-1:75-7
Quinoa, quick cooking1:1.251
Basmati Rice1:14
Brown Rice1:120-22

Jasmine Rice

White Rice1:14
Wild Rice1:220-25
Dried Beans & Legume

Dry, Cooking Time

(in Minutes)

Soaked, Cooking Time

(in Minutes)

Black beans20-254-6
Black-eyed peas6-74-5
Chickpeas (chick peas, garbanzo
bean or kabuli)
Cannellini beans25-306-9
Gandules (pigeon peas)20-256-9
Great Northern beans25-307-8
Lentils, French green4-6n/a
Lentils, green, mini (brown)4-6n/a
Lentils, red, split1-2n/a
Lentils, yellow, split (moong dal)1-2n/a
Lima beans12-143-6
Kidney beans, red15-207-8
Kidney beans, white / Cannellini25-306-9
Navy /Haricot beans20-257-8
Pinto beans23-256-9
Scarlet runner20-256-8
Soy beans35-4518-20

Cooking Time

(in Minutes)

Beef, stew meat20 / 450g
Beef, meatball5 / 450g
Beef, dressed20 – 25 / 450g
Beef, pot roast, steak, rump, round,
chuck, blade or brisket, large
20 / 450g
Beef, pot roast, steak, rump, round,
chuck, blade or brisket, small chunks
15 / 450g
Beef, ribs20 – 25
Beef, shanks 40 mm wide25 – 30
Beef, oxtail40 – 50
Chicken, breasts bone in6 – 8
Chicken, whole 2-2.5Kg8 / 450g
Chicken, portions with bones10 – 15
Chicken, dark meat10 – 15
Cornish Hen/Poussin, whole10 – 15
Duck, portions with bones12 – 15
Duck, whole10 / 450g
Ham slice9 – 12
Ham picnic shoulder8 / 450g
Lamb, cubes10 -15
Lamb, stew meat12 -15
Lamb, leg15 / 450g
Pheasant8 / 450g
Pork, loin roast20 / 450g
Pork, butt roast15 / 450g
Pork, ribs15 – 20
Turkey, breast, boneless7 – 9
Turkey, breast, whole, with bones20 – 25
Turkey, drumsticks (leg)15 – 20
Veal, chops5 – 8
Veal, roast12 / 450g
Quail, whole8/450g

Fresh Cooking Time

(in Minutes)

Frozen Cooking Time

(in Minutes)

Artichoke, whole, trimmed without
Artichoke, hearts4-55-6
Asparagus, whole or cut1-22-3
Beans, green/yellow or wax,
whole, trim ends and strings
Beetroot, small, whole11-1313-15
Beetroot, large, whole20-2525-30
Broccoli, florets1-22-3
Broccoli, stalks3-44-5
Brussel sprouts, whole2-33-4
Cabbage, red, purple or green,
Cabbage, red, purple or green,
Carrots, sliced or shredded2-33-4
Carrots, whole or chunked6-87-9
Cauliflower florets2-33-4
Celery, chunks2-33-4
Collard Greens4-65-6
Corn, kernels1-22-3
Corn, on the cob3-54-6
Aubergine, slices or chunks3-44-5
Escarole/Chicory, chopped2-33-4
Green beans, whole2-33-4
Greens (beet greens, collards, kale, spinach, swiss chard, turnip greens), chopped4-55-6
Mixed vegetables2-33-4
Onions, sliced2-33-4
Parsnips, sliced2-33-4
Parsnips, chunks3-44-5
Peas, in the pod1-22-3
Peas, green1-22-3
Potatoes, in cubes4-56-7
Potatoes, whole, baby8-1012-14
Potatoes, whole, large12-1515-19
Pumpkin, small slices or chunks4-56-7
Pumpkin, large slices or chunks8-1010-14
Rutabaga/Swede/Turnip, slices3-54-6
Rutabaga/swede/Turnip, chunks4-66-8
Squash, acorn, slices or chunks5-77-9
Squash, butternut, slices or chunks4-66-8
Sweet potato, in cubes2-44-6
Sweet potato, whole, small10-1212-14
Sweet potato, whole, large12-1515-19
Sweet pepper, slices or chunks1-32-4
Tomatoes, in quarters2 – 34-5
FruitFresh Cooking Time
(in Minutes)
Dried Cooking Time
(in Minutes)
Apples, in slices or pieces1-22-3
Apples, whole3-44-6
Apricots, whole or halves2-33-4
Pears, whole3-44-6
Pears, slices or halves2-34-5