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Revolutionise the way you cook with Instant home appliances. From multi-functional electric pressure cookers, to Air Fryers and combination cookers, there is a way to cook easy, quick and delicious meals, every time.

one pot meals

One Pot Meals

One touch smart programs so you can ‘Set it and forget it’ - freeing you to do other things while your dinner cooks safely and quickly.

guilt free crunch


Our Air Fryers EvenCrisp™ Technology ensures crisp & tender results with less calories and using 95% less oil.

consistent results


Instant Pots automatically adjusts pressure, temperature and time for consistent, delicious results for every meal.

facebook community

Instant Pot UK Community

Join thousands of Instant Pot & Vortex Air Fryer users who share tips, support, recipes in the Instant Pot UK Facebook Community.

Featured Product

‘May the food by with you’ with the help of R2D2.  The classic Instant Pot Duo with a Star Wars facelift!

The most beloved Star Wars droid R2-D2 can defeat robots and fix anything, but now he can even cook your dinner! With all the usual Instant Pot features such as pressure cooking, slow cooking, sautéing, rice cooking, steaming and yogurt, this new limited edition Instant Pot is perfect for the jedi of the kitchen.

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