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Instant Pot

Conventional pressure cookers used to have a image of a steaming, spitting monster of a pot, noisily rattling on the kitchen stove. This is no long true with Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Fresh VegetableDuring operation, Instant Pot is absolutely quiet. It is fully sealed when pressure builds up in the inner pot. There is no steam escaping from the pot, and hence, no smell in the kitchen or spreading in your home. This also keeps the aromas and flavour of ingredients in the food.

Instant Pot cooks food without heating up the surroundings. In the summer time, this is particularly appreciated, reducing the electricity needed to cook your food and not needing to cool the kitchen.

Another important benefit is that Instant Pot keeps your kitchen clean. There are no messy spills, splashes or spatters to clean up and no boiled over foods. Aromas are trapped in the food and only released when the lid is opened. It is truly a kitchen-friendly appliance.

Being a multi-cooker, Instant Pot can reduce the number of cooking appliances in your kitchen, saving you money and helping to minimise clutter and keep the kitchen organised.

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