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What’s in the box?

Getting a new product for the first time can always be daunting – you open the box and are unsure of what to do with the contents inside!

Then you realise you’ve thrown away the box because it was causing too much clutter (understandable at this time of year) and you find yourself stood clueless in the kitchen thinking “What’s this piece for?” “Where do I put that?” and “Do I have everything I should have?”  …We’ve all been there.

Whatever Instant Pot you purchase, you can rest assured you are ready to get started straightaway with everything that is included in the box. And even though we sell additional accessories on our online shop, you do have everything you need to create your first Instant Pot recipe.

Click below to see exactly what is in the box of your Instant Pot so you can be confident “Instant Chef” from day one.

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