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Top Tips for Instant Pot Beginners

The Instant Pot UK Facebook Community is an active group of Instant Pot users, who share questions, recipes and tips. With over 24,000 members, who have tried and tested cooking with their Instant Pot (and we are pretty certain use it more than anyone else!) we wanted to collate their top tips for getting started and getting the most out of your own multi pressure cooker.

“Read all the information for beginners and note what the abbreviations mean” – This tip from Kate, an Instant Pot Duo Plus user since February 2019, was also submitted by others too and we agree that for a beginner this is a great place to start. The Instant Pot Blog has an array of information including what’s in the box and getting started guides, as well as our Learn the Lingo article where you can figure out what the abbreviations mean.

User of both an Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus AND a Duo Crisp, Sue, has been pressure cooking for 5 years and her top tip is – “Use it straight away!” We at Instant Pot want everyone to make that first dish as soon as possible, but if you’re not sure what to start with… well Sue’s ‘go to’ recipes are potatoes and vegetables!

Richie, who has been cooking with his for 18 months, also agrees with using it straight away but suggests “Start simple, and give side dishes such as mashed potato a go, until you’re more familiar with the pressure cooker.”

If you are unsure of which recipes to use then Maggie, who has had her pot for 2 years suggests “Check out the app and recipes online.” There’s an array of recipes on our website, and the official Instant Pot App is available to download on both Apple and Android too.

Not all the tips from the community were about recipes though, as there is also advice to ensure you get the best experience with every use.

This one may seem obvious, but Angela, user of a Duo Crisp reminds us that for pressure cooking “Make sure you have liquid in the pot!” and Sylvia’s tip is to “Always check the seal.” If the seal is not in place correctly, then the pot will not build up enough pressure to cook.

Bridie, another Duo Crisp user says, ‘Buy yourself some decent tongs and silicone accessories’ – this tip will definitely make using your Instant Pot even easier, and we have a wide range of accessories available to purchase on our online store, from steamer baskets and longer trivets to cake tins and mini mitts.

But with all the tips that we have around actually using your Instant Pot, Nicole who has had her Instant Pot Duo Plus for 9 months, has the perfect piece of advice for beginners, “It’s really not as scary as it looks at the beginning, just enjoy using it!”

And don’t forget that Instant Pots are designed to make cooking quicker and easier, and give you more time to do other things, which is perfectly summed up by Chrissy, who has had hers for 3 years… “Make the most of it. Use the pre-sets and natural pressure release. Let the pot do the work for you.”

And the final tip, which was submitted by many, is simply for you to join the Instant Pot UK Facebook Community too!

“It’s full of helpful people, and a goldmine of information plus lots of tried and tested recipes!” – Wendy, Instant Pot Duo Plus & Duo Crisp User.

So what else are you waiting for, whether you are new to Instant Pot and want more tips and advice to get you started, or even if you have had yours for a while and want some recipe discussions, or some new dinner ideas, then join the Instant Pot UK Facebook Community today.

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