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Modern Vegetarian Instant Pot CookBook

The Modern Vegetarian Instant Pot Cookbook

“Recipes designed for variety and celebrating real food ingredients” Guest post by Jenny Tschiesche

Hello, I am Jenny Tschiesche, or otherwise known as the Lunchbox Doctor. My Instant Pot journey started in 2015, and like many I was reluctant to use a new piece of kitchen appliance. But I quickly got the hang of it and a year later there was no stopping me as I began to create my own recipes. As a nutritionist, I was keen to document these and in 2018 I wrote my first Instant Pot cookbook – The Modern Multi-Cooker Cookbook, which many of you may be familiar with. It was so well received by the Instant Pot UK community and I am so grateful for the support it received.

After writing the book however, a lot of people asked what percentage of the recipes were vegetarian and plant-based, which highlighted the demand for veggie recipes! Fast forward two years later, and I am so excited to launch my brand new Modern Vegetarian Instant Pot Cookbook.

The Instant Pot lends itself for vegetarian cooking, however when you look online for Instant Pot recipes you might think otherwise… Popular recipes include pulled pork, fall off the bone ribs and lamb tagines (which the Instant Pot cooks superbly) but vegetarian options are sparse.

Some of the healthiest populations in the world eat predominantly vegetarian and plant-based diets, including many athletes. Olympic Silver Medallist, Leon Taylor is an Instant Pot user who cooks a vegan diet. “The Instant Pot is so well suited to plant-based and vegetarian eating. Whether it’s bulk cooking protein-rich legumes in next to no time, or the ability to make the most delicious nutrient-rich dahls, soups, stews and risottos with speed and ease, this appliance makes these meals absolute dinner winners for busy people.”

If you are considering following this sort of diet, then I have collated 101 tried-and-tested plant-based recipes that you can easily recreate for yourself in an Instant Pot. A plant-based diet includes legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruit; and vegetarians will include the addition of eggs and dairy products too. But why is the Instant Pot so useful in preparing dishes made up of these ingredients?

Legumes, such as beans and lentils are a staple in many peoples’ diet; From the family on a budget to the savvy meal prepper, these sources of plant-based protein are truly irreplaceable. In an Instant Pot, you can cook large batches of dried beans, lentils or chickpeas quickly and easily, so you can effortlessly create healthy meals throughout the week using legumes as a base and adding fresh or frozen vegetables and stock for pressure cooked dishes, or simply add to salads!

Whole grains are another vital element of a balanced vegetarian and plant-based diet. The Instant Pot allows you to cook whole-grain-based dishes consistently. From perfectly cooked Brown rice to Porridge or Quinotto (like a risotto but made with quinoa) – Instant Pot makes eating wholegrains not only appealing, but extremely easy.

As for vegetables, they are a core part of a balanced veggie diet. In healthy vegetarian and plant-based recipes, they can be celebrated and take centre stage, instead of being relegated to “…and add 2 veg” status. Whether it is a Savoury Mushroom and Pea porridge or Lentil and Sweet Potato pies.

Plant-based and vegetarian recipes don’t stop at savoury, as the Instant Pot provides these in the both the dessert department and sweet breakfast treats. Not only are Instant Pot cakes and puddings healthier, lower sugar and delicious in both taste and texture, but the Instant Pot allows a diverse range of both desserts and breakfasts; including fruity crumbles, deliciously moist cakes and molasses flapjacks, to Chai and turmeric porridge and Strawberry chia compote to top on whatever you fancy!

I am so pleased to have created this Modern Vegetarian Instant Pot Cookbook, to bring you recipes that are designed for variety and to celebrate real food ingredients.  I hope you enjoy creating these at home, and of course feel free to adapt them to suit you and your taste testers!

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