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Did you see us live in action on QVC?

Yesterday, our much-loved Instant Pot made its debut on everyone’s favourite shopping channel, QVC, where we demonstrated on the big screen, just why this appliance has become a kitchen staple for so many households!

The Instant Pot UK Head Office Team became heads of the “prep kitchen” before the show, and made an array of Instant Pot recipes including  chocolate brownies, Christmas puddings, banana bread, yoghurts, roast gammon, sous vide steak, and raspberry cheesecakes all to display on set – and that just scratches the surface on what this multi-cooker can do!

Nutrition Expert, Jenny Tschiesche (The Lunch Box Doctor) really put the Duo Plus 60 through its paces, showcasing more of the 9-in-1 functionality. Live on air, Jenny demonstrated how easy and quickly you can cook Instant Pot recipes compared to traditional methods. Jenny transformed a pork joint into succulent pulled pork deliciousness in only 70minutes, as opposed to 4+ hours, and cooked her popular chicken tikka masala recipe, a “Curry night” classic! Jenny also shared the secret to getting perfectly runny yolk eggs every time and it turns out the secret is an Instant Pot… who’d have thought! And the demonstration would not be complete without an Instant Pot staple – A creamy risotto! No more standing over the hob and stirring, with the Instant Pot you simply ‘set it and forget it’ and get the creamiest bowl of risotto without fail. Every. Single. Time.

And not forgetting one of the biggest unknown Instant Pot hacks of all demonstrated by Jenny throughout… the Instant Pot lid stand! It really does make life a whole lot easier whether sautéing or serving… and it turns out a lot of Instant Pot Duo Plus users didn’t even know about this little hack. (watch Jenny at 3.06min..) Game changer!!

So, if you’ve been undecided about whether to get an Instant Pot for yourself, then click here to watch the full demonstration via the link below, and see for yourself why this product really is a kitchen must have!

Try the recipes demonstrated on QVC for yourself!

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