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Instant Pot Evolution

Instant Pot Evolution Cookbook

Hi, I’m Graham Sharman.

Like many, my first experience with pressure cooking was as a young boy, watching my mother cooking with what looked like a large saucepan with a strange-looking lid, and the fright of seeing the valve hitting the ceiling one day put me off having anything to do with pressure cookers for many years after that!!

Thankfully, times have changed for the better and Instant Pot has revolutionised pressure cooking completely, meaning you no longer have to worry about losing sight in one eye, thanks to the many safety features in place, and general ease of use, when pressure cooking with an Instant Pot.

My first recipe using a pressure cooker was a simple one – its main purpose for me was the softening of onions for the base gravy needed to create a restaurant-style Indian curry! It’s safe to say, that my purchase of my first Instant Pot a few years later was a game changer. I went from pressure cooking purely onions, to creating a magnitude of dishes – and with the ability to ‘set it and forget it’ I have been using my Instant Pot almost daily ever since!

So, does that qualify me to write a cookbook? I didn’t think so… until I spoke to my son James. James had the privilege of being trained to Michelin standards by one of the UK’s best chefs, Tom Aikens, and he also worked in the world-renowned Noma restaurant in Denmark. He insisted that the knowledge I had gained over my years of pressure cooking, would prove invaluable to someone who had just bought their first Instant Pot, or even current users who may simply be lacking a little cooking inspiration – so we decided to join forces.

With James’ Michelin skills and my Instant Pot knowledge, together we created 100 recipes and Instant Pot Evolution was born. It is very easy to just use an Instant Pot just for the sauté pan and pressure cook functions, but with this book we wanted to help you bring restaurant quality dishes to your home with the sous vide function – think sous vide eggs benedict, tuna confit, steak and vegetables, and sous vide butter corn – to name a few.   Many people assume that water circulation is required to sous vide properly, however with Instant Pot this not the case. Although water is still required, heat rises from the bottom of the pot instead, creating the optimum conditions for sous vide perfection!

As with any cookbook, the recipes are there to guide you, and we encourage you to experiment and customise them to make them your own, although each recipe does show an image of the finished dish – because who cooks a recipe if they can’t see how its meant to look at the end!  We are pleased and excited to have created Instant Pot Evolution and hope you enjoy trying the recipes out for yourself.

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