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Instant Pot out the box

Got an Instant Pot for Christmas?

…Take the plunge and use it for the first time!

As the “stay-at-home” order of 2020 doesn’t seem to be easing at any point soon, it’s not surprising that many households were gifted an Instant Pot this Christmas! Whether it was on your Christmas wish list, or just given from a friend or relative who thought it would be your perfect present – maybe to give you the opportunity to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen or merely to take the chore out of cooking!

Whether you’re an avid home chef or a kitchen novice, it can be intimidating   getting a new appliance, and sometimes seem a lot easier just to keep it in the box and shove it to the bottom of a cupboard.

We are confident that pretty much everyone who tries Instant Pot gets hooked, as they realise how much simpler and easier it makes cooking, and the wide array of functions it can offer! So for anyone who may need a helping hand to get their new Instant Pot out the box for the first time, we’ve done our research to “debunk the myths” which may be forming those reasons you have for not giving it a go.

Reason No.1: ‘I don’t know how to use it.’

We completely understand that learning a new piece of equipment can be daunting, especially if you have now thrown away the box with all the information about what’s inside.  But our website is full of information and support for each model to guide you through getting to know your Instant Pot. From ‘What’s in the box, to Quick Start guides, how-to videos, and looking after your Instant Pot, we are confident the information online will enable you to quickly learn exactly how to use your new kitchen gadget.

Reason No.2: ‘Isn’t pressure cooking dangerous?’

This is a common concern… there are many horror stories of the old stove-top pressure cookers, and often these were attributed to user error. Instant Pots have been carefully designed to eliminate potential issues with 10 proven Safety Mechanisms in place.

These include; Lid Close Detection, Leaky Lid Protection, Lid Lock under Pressure, Anti-blockage Vent, Automatic Temperature Control, Instant Pot Temperature Sensor, Extreme Temperature & Power Protection, Automatic Pressure Control, Pressure Regulator Protection and Excess Pressure Protection.  All our products are certified by UL/ULC and carry the CE mark providing unprecedented peace of mind in safety.

Reason No.3: ‘I cook fine without it!’

We’re sure you do! There are many appliances that you probably cooked fine without before, but now you wouldn’t even consider not having them in your kitchen… blender, microwaves, stand mixers etc.  And pressure cookers are the same. Users are quickly becoming infatuated with the Instant Pot as it has created a whole new way of cooking that is fast, healthy, convenient, safe, easy and energy efficient!

You may not need to use it, but if you like the idea of being able to put all your ingredients together, set the cooker and walk away until it’s done a few minutes later, then why not try it out and see what all the fuss is about.

Reason No.4: ‘I’m not a very confident home chef…’

Well all the more reason why you should be using it – every day in fact! Instant Pot makes cooking even easier than ever. Most Instant Pot recipes really are as simple as putting in the ingredients, sealing the lid and selecting your program. The Instant Pot then does all the work, bleeps when its finished and Voila – your dish is ready!  Nothing takes the stress and hassle out of cooking more than an Instant Pot.

And if you want a really simple dish to begin with, then check out our Recipes to get you started page, so you can quickly build your confidence with pressure cooking.

Reason No.5: ‘I don’t know what to cook’

The beauty of Instant Pot is that you can still cook all your normal go-to dinners, but in just a fraction of the time instead! So you don’t even really need to think about what to cook as there are many sources to find the Instant Pot recipe of your family favourites.

We have a large array of recipes on our website including meat dishes, seafood, vegan, vegetarian, pasta, rice, breakfast, desserts and more. We also have a new collection of Recipe eBooks available to download from the Guides action of the instant Pot Community take you can  save to use again and again.

And our Instant Pot UK Facebook Community are another excellent source of recipe inspiration! With over 23,000 members, this active group of home chefs and constantly sharing tips, tricks and recipes so you will never be lost for something to cook in your new Instant Pot!

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