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vegan Lifestyle

Living a vegan lifestyle in a fast-paced world

In a world where everything needs to be fast and convenient, many people wonder if it’s really possible to eat healthily and live a sustainable, vegan lifestyle. Although the number of vegans in the UK skyrocketed by 40 percent in 2020, many people struggle to maintain this healthy way of living due to having very few options […]

Sam Brand

How Instant Pot fits into the lifestyle of an athlete

Hi everyone, I am Sam Brand, a Professional Cyclist living with type 1 diabetes. I race for Team Novo Nordisk, the world’s first all diabetic professional cycling team! To me the purpose of what I do goes beyond the wins and podiums; the result is also defined by the changes in the lives of my […]

Modern Vegetarian Instant Pot CookBook

The Modern Vegetarian Instant Pot Cookbook

“Recipes designed for variety and celebrating real food ingredients” – Guest post by Jenny Tschiesche Hello, I am Jenny Tschiesche, or otherwise known as the Lunchbox Doctor. My Instant Pot journey started in 2015, and like many I was reluctant to use a new piece of kitchen appliance. But I quickly got the hang of […]