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5 Christmas main dishes to WOW your guests!

Stuck for ideas on what to serve your Christmas guests this year?  Look no further! These four delicious main dishes will completely WOW your guests this Christmas – from the Classic Turkey, to a tasty Vegan Hot Pot, the biggest Pig in Blanket you ever did see, a crowd pleasing Ginger beer Gammon and a Christmas Filo Swirl!

Which of these dishes take your fancy? 

You can’t go wrong with a Classic Christmas Turkey! But why not make it even better and turn it into a festive Turkey roulade!

The speedy sausage stuffing is hit with blue cheese, fresh thyme, dates & almonds for serious depth and texture, and wrapped up inside the Turkey crown! 

Cooked in the Instant Pot before being crisped-up with the air fryer lid (or an oven could be used for this bit instead). The result is succulent, buttery turkey that’s wonderfully crisp on the outside and full of flavour – This recipe is an Instant Pot winner!

Caramelized onions, roasted garlic, root veg and lentils come together to create this absolute winner Christmas main.

Each vegetable gets special care and attention, building and layering the flavours of the lentil ragu into something truly delicious! 

The sticky mushroom and lentil ragu then gets a golden crown of scalloped crispy potatoes. Even the staunchest meat eater in the family will be packing away second portions of this – be sure to make enough for the whole family to join in! 

What’s better than pigs in blankets? A Giant Pig in a Blanket! 

Sausage meat is teamed with apple, vegetables, garlic, sage & thyme, before being swaddled in streaky bacon and crisped to perfection in the Instant Vortex Air Fryer.

Want a dish that will really take centre stage on the Christmas table this year? Then look no further than this!

Watch this video to see how we make our big pig in a blanket.

Sticky, sweet and filled with lip-smackingly festive clove and ginger flavours, this is a super easy tried and tested Instant Pot festive recipe.

Lower in sugar, using ginger extract, and yielding a pleasing, subtle ginger sweetness, we found Fever-Tree Ginger Beer the best brand for our Gammon. Another classic Instant recipe not to be missed!

This indulgent filo vegan swirl is full of wholesome, festive flavours the whole family will enjoy this season. Filled with caramelised butternut, crunchy almonds, chickpeas, garlic, mint & parsley and crisped up to a delicious golden brown, this dish doesn’t skimp on texture or flavour.

Serve alongside fresh tzatziki-style sauce, side salad and a squeeze of zingy lime

Need some sides to go with these delicious recipes? 

Why not try one of these tasty dishes….

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