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10 things I learnt when using an Air Fryer for the first time…

Professional athlete, Sam Brand is well into his pre-season training and the traditional big winter training block. Something that requires an extra level of fueling – so cue the help of a Vortex Plus Air Fryer!

Hear from Sam as he shares 10 things he learnt when using an Air Fryer for the first time. 

“As a (relatively) ‘new’ user to the wonderful world of Air Frying, I wanted to take the opportunity to deep dive into not only how I use my fantastic Instant Vortex Plus but the things I learned when using this piece of kit – The things I didn’t know, the things I wish I did and the things that I discovered along the way..


  1. Its absolute versatility

Whether you’re cooking roast potatoes or granola, frozen veg or chips the functionality of the Vortex Air Fryer is fantastic. I find myself using it in so many different scenarios and for completely different outcomes, reasons, and tastes. Whether that’s to perfectly melt the cheese in my quick post-ride toastie or in cooking up some amazingly crispy roast potatoes for a big family Sunday Dinner.


  1. Speed is time

Time is our most valuable resource. With a career based around how fast I can pedal, ‘spare’ time is often at a minimum. When I am in a scenario where I need to do something quick (fairly common), the Vortex comes into its own.


It’s quick to preheat, reduces cooking time and consumes less power; it’s a win win! I can put my lunch in to cook, and its ready by the time I’m out the shower!


  1. A compact ‘Space-ship’

If, like me, your kitchen space is limited, then the air fryer is the answer to a space saving appliance!  I can have the Vortex out on the worktop, and it takes up little space, and then once I’ve finished cooking it’s easy enough to fit back in a cupboard. It is compact, saves space, and packs a punch with all of its power.


  1. Simplicity (and Technology) is for everyone

Further to the versatility of the machine that I mentioned, there are so many fast and reliable preprogrammed functions that can be used easy and simply. It isn’t as complicated as it might seem – You’ve got this!


Cooking with a Vortex Air Fryer has really been a game-changer for me! The Vortex Plus boasts six different ways to cook and I can honestly say I use every function.


  1. Easy Clean

I can’t be the only person that strives for a reduced amount of cleaning? A big wash up job after cooking can put my off wanting to cook at all! But the Air Fryer has changed all of that for me – the removable and easy clean basket of the Vortex is just a treat. Easy to remove, easy to clean, easy to put back in – It’s perfect.


  1. It’s addictive

I found myself getting carried away. Everything I wanted to cook, I wanted to use the machine! I’m sure you will find out the same way I did, that once the machine is on in your kitchen then you’ll be using it to cook your sausages and bacon, as well as your beans and vegetables. Making the perfect jacket potato becomes second nature and you’ll be dreaming up further delights. I think up most of my recipe ideas whist I’m out and about, or whilst I’m training.


It’s addictive, in the best possible way.


  1. It can replace

Since starting to use the Vortex Plus, it seems to have replaced my use of the traditional oven.


The power in such a convenient device is something I learned on first use. Something, I hope will help you make the swift decision in why I think this piece of kit is for everyone.


  1. Yes, it makes tasty

Something that I wasn’t sure of when I first began using the Vortex Plus was how will it change the taste. I make no excuses – I love food. I enjoy the whole process of picking fresh ingredients, to preparing them, cooking them and eating them! I get asked whether using an air fryer changes the taste or lowers the quality of the food and experience, and the short and only answer is no. If anything, it enhances it. I am yet to find a food that doesn’t taste amazing straight from the Vortex!


  1. Possibilities are ‘endless

I can’t lie, I was in the ‘do I need one?’ category for a while… but from the first plug in I was proven wrong. As I’ve mentioned with its versatility, simplicity and general ease of use, the recipe possibilities are endless. What it can cook, and how it can function, seems to have no end. I find a recipe and convert it to use in the Vortex Plus, and every time it shows me why it deserves a place in my kitchen.


  1. Not just an Air ‘Fryer

Something that I learned the first time I used my Vortex Plus, is that it isn’t really a “fryer” at all. It works in a similar way to an oven – only, in my opinion, better. Although the name might suggest it’s just a ‘fryer’ – let me tell you, it’s not. It bakes, its roasts, it dehydrates, it grills, and it reheats! And not only that, much faster and using less energy. Wins all around right.


My Favourites:


Current Favourite Function: Roast. This one seems straight forward and maybe a little obvious but what can I say. It’s so sublime. Deep winter warming foods. Amazing.


Favourite ‘New’ Function: Dehydrate – This was something completely new to me and a cooking method I was completely unaware of. But wow I was in for a treat. Dehydrating fruits is incredible. Apricots, Kiwi, Apple, Banana – just insane. You must try this!”




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