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About us

Instant Brands UK are Made for together, designed to make your life easier.

The Instant Brands UK journey began with Instant Pot

A remarkable kitchen appliance

In 2010, Dr. Robert Wang married his love for cuisine and computer algorithms, to create a new device combining pressure cooking, slow cooking and rice cooking.

Taking the US by storm, in 2012 the Instant Pot Lux became the most advanced Pressure Cooker on the market, becoming an Amazon best-seller with over 215,000 units sold in 2016 Black Friday sale.

Fast forward to 2018

Instant Pot launched in the UK

Instant Pot was equally popular this side of the Atlantic, and quickly developed from one Instant Pot model to four – the Duo, Duo Evo, Duo Crisp & Duo Evo Plus were born.

And as we shifted to a new way of life spending even more time at home, a range of innovative multi-functional Instant Vortex Air Fryers launched.

From cooking appliances...

to prep and serveware

In 2021, the Instant Brands UK portfolio continued to grow, introducing Corelle, Corningware, Chicago Cutlery and Snapware to the UK market. With the goal to make life simpler around the home, our products and brands are designed to help people make and enjoy food together.